If you want a great family holiday and memories to last a lifetime, ensure you avoid these pitfalls when booking. 
1. Not booking a family friendly resort 
Sure the resort was cheap and looked ok but if you get there and it is full of hen and stag dos and really not suitable for children, there are stereos blasting round the pool all day in the hotel and there is nothing to do nearby with children, to make it worse the beach is very rocky, rough and dangerous. Ensure you are going to a family friendly resort! 
2. Booking the wrong flight times 
Whilst you may not mind getting up at 3am to catch that early morning flight or flight late at night, flying with tired children isn’t going to be fun. There is nothing worst that landing at the airport, having to wake up the kids and carry them off the plane and in to the airport along with all the hand luggage. 
3. Not considering the weather 
Going somewhere very hot at the height of summer might seem like a good idea but are your young children going to be able to cope with 45C or -10C? 
4. Getting advice from the wrong person 
Your travel agent sounds nice and is making suggestions on where to go but do they have the right experience? Do they have children and would they go there with their family or are they simply selling you holidays that make them the best commission? 
5. Not taking out Insurance 
Whilst you may never have had a problem on holiday, there are certain things that can go wrong – from losing luggage to not being able to travel, or even worse having an accident or being ill abroad. Even a minor accident requiring a few stitches can cost the equivalent of hundreds of pounds in a local hospital. 
6. Not registering for the EHIC card 
If you are travelling in the EU, you can get free or discounted medical care. You should register a free card for each person in the family who will be travelling. Find out more details here 
7. Not paying for pre-booked seats 
There is a misconception that if you are travelling with young children then you will be seated together regardless. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) advises that airlines should aim to seat families together, however it isn’t mandatory. The only way to ensure you are all together is to pre-book seats. 
8. Not pre-booking parking 
If you are driving to the airport you have a few different options, the most expensive will be turning up and paying to park on the day. You will save money by pre-booking, if you really want a stress-free experience then consider a meet and greet option which can be good value for money if pre-booked. You simply drive to the terminal and hand over the keys to a representative. They will park your car offsite and then return it for you ready for collection on your return – no waiting around for a bus, you simply park and walk across to the terminal. 
9. Not checking the transfer time to the resort 
So you’ve survived the 4 hour flight with the kids, then you have to endure a 3 hour transfer to reach your resort as the bus stops at a number of resorts before arriving at yours. By knowing this in advance, there may be a private transfer option that reduces this to an hour which may be worth paying a little extra for. 
10. Not considering car seats when hiring a car 
Most airlines won’t charge you to check in a car seat as well as a pushchair, if you are planning on hiring a car then by taking your own you know you have a safe car seat to use. Whilst car hire companies will rent you a seat, this will be an extra daily charge per seat. You will also be relying on whatever stock is available and that might be very old and not particularly safe. 
A good travel agent will help steer you in the right direction, at Travel Sense we all have children and regularly travel as a family, we would never book you anywhere that we wouldn’t go ourselves. 
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